Boeing invites you to the lecture

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If you want to learn more about Boeing’s space technologies and its work supporting NASA’s space programs, first-hand from a Boeing aerospace engineer, such as the mission to Mars or human space flight program, come to the lecture of Dr. Juan Castilleja on Friday 12th of May at noon to the main auditory (aula) of IFE on the first floor (36 Zwirki St. Building A16).

More info about the lecture:
Title: Journey Beyond Earth: Building the Future of Human Spaceflight
Topic: NASA is on the Journey to Mars, developing spacecraft and rockets that will launch us farther than ever before. Boeing supports NASA’s bold mission to place humans on Mars and bring them back safely. Boeing is proud to build the CST-100 Starliner for Low Earth Orbit, transporting Astronauts conducting Science on the International Space Station, and building the Space Launch System Rocket to Mars. As an engineer building this new generation of rockets and spacecraft, we will share what’s next on our journey Beyond Earth.

Admission is free.

Date of record: 2017-05-08
Date of actualization: 2017-05-08
Submited by: Małgorzata Malczyk-Spodenkiewicz