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   Erasmus+ Programme Completion Guidelines


Within 30 days of completing a study programme in a host institution, a student is obliged to:

  1. deliver a Confirmation of Stay document from a partner institution to Student Mobility Division office
  2. fill in the Mobility Tool Erasmus Scholarship Survey (a student will receive a link to the survey in the correspondence generated by the system),
  3. deliver the Transcript of Records issued by the host institution to the Student Mobility Division office. The delivrance of the Transcript of Records facilitates full academic recognition of the undertaken courses.


IFE students are also obliged to:

- Fill in WEBDZIEKANAT  within the above-mentioned dates.


To complete the ‘’Sokrates Transcript’’ for a given semester, please fill in the parts provided.

When completing the Transcript for two semesters, first fill in the data from the first semester, inform the Student Mobility Division office about it and await activating the Sokrates Transcript for the following semester to be then filled out.

September 17 is the due date for content settling / the summer semester or full academic year student exchange/ and February 23 / the winter semester student exchange/.

Courses completed in a host institution have to be congruous with the Learning Agreement (or a “Changes to LA” signed document), otherwise the full academic recognition of the courses taken abroad will not be guaranteed.


Please note that:

  • ‘’Original course name’’ should be provided in the language of instruction,
  • For two grading scales: ‘’local’’ and ‘’ECTS’’ provided, please choose the ETCS one, e.g. A, B, etc.,
  • For course names in Polish, only the first letter of the first word should be written with a capital,
  • If the number of credits scored in a host institution exceeds the number of ECTS points to be scored at TUL in a given smester, the extra points can be added to the Diploma Supplement received upon the completion of studies (based on a prior application form submitted to the Dean)


Date of record: 2015-02-05
Date of actualization: 2019-04-15
Submited by: Teresa Sarnecka