Flipped Classroom

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Within our ministerial (Ministry of Science and Education) programme, our university is implementing a prestigious pilot project “ Flipped education”. It involves the implementation of active learning methods and effective tools for the assessment of learning outcomes. External experts in the field of flipped classroom cooperate as a peer experts with TUL academic teachers and help them customize their courses towards active learning.

In this model student receives access to educational materials prepared by the teacher, with which, using the latest technologies, he gets acquainted independently in a convenient time and place. The time during classes with the lecturer is filled with activities that support better understanding of previously learned issues. The teacher prepares classes for students using modern technologies and modern education methods. During the course, students explore knowledge by working individually or in groups, they can carry out projects, conduct research, conduct discussions or help each other.


Our Flipped Experts



Date of record: 2022-01-17
Date of actualization: 2022-07-05
Submited by: Dariusz Owczarek