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Student Mobility and Internationalization Committee of the International Faculty of Engineering and International Cooperation Centre at Lodz University of Technology



The Student Mobility and Internationalization Committee was established in January 2017 during a meeting of the Student Parliament of the Student Self-Government of Lodz University of Technology in the form of a problem solving committee at the Student Self-Government of TUL.

The competences of the Committee include the following:

- assisting IFE students in their daily struggle with studying at this demanding unit of Lodz University of Technology;
- representing IFE Students, as well as their interests before the authorities of IFE, faculties and entire Lodz University of Technology as well as during the meetings of the Student Self-Government of TUL;
- ensuring that the dignity of the Students and their rights to education of the highest possible level are respected;
- promoting mobility among all students of TUL.

If you are an IFE student and you encounter a problem in the course of your studies or just have a question, do not hesitate - write to us and we will try to help you according to our competences. Or maybe you are interested in joining the self-government and working for the benefit of our student community? If so, please contact us. By helping others, you can learn a lot yourself and also meet new friends.


Publicly available e-mail of the Committee: msi@samorzad.p.lodz.pl


Composition of the Committee

Currently, the Student Mobility and Internationalization Committee is composed of the following persons:


Kacper Marcinik

e-mail: k.marcinik@samorzad.p.lodz.pl


Adrianna Stefańska

e-mail:  a.stefanska@samorzad.p.lodz.pl


Aleksandra Koralczyk


Malwina Witczak


Marta Kaźmierczyk


Sebastian Perek



We are here to make studying at our Faculty better and more enjoyable for everyone!!


Date of record: 2015-02-05
Date of actualization: 2019-05-23
Submited by: Teresa Sarnecka