IFE Student Government

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Komisja ds. Centrum Kształcenia Międzynarodowego i Współpracy Międzynarodowej Politechniki Łódzkiej

(IFE Student Government)




Cabinets at IFE

You can rent lockers for the whole period of the academic year. The deposit is 30 PLN. All details and rules are available in room 52 (in front of Aula IFE) during office hours of IFE Student Government.


11h15 - 12h00  


Any changes will be announce on Facebook.



IFE Student Government was established in December 2004 at the Lodz University of Technology Student Government Congress as IFE Affairs Committee.

  • Since that day, IFE Self-Government is aimed to help IFE students with their everyday problems concerning both studies and social life at the University.
  • We eagerly represent students and their issues to the authorities of IFE, particular departments, and other TUL units.
  • We speak on behalf of those entities at the gatherings of TUL Student Government.
  • The Student Government also watch over students’ dignity and their right to high quality of the studies.
  • The Committee’s duties include, moreover, managing the IFE Scholarship System.
  • On the other hand, if necessary, we need to remind students how to represent our unique Faculty in a proper way.


Project inspired by the Head of TUL Student Goverment changes our Unit in a more unique and responsible Committee with wider areas of interest. We want to improve and develop the cooperation with other European Universities and their Student Goverments. We provide help and information about Erasmus Program and also promote it among the students of other faculties at TUL.



Email of IFE Student Government:   ife@samorzad.p.lodz.pl

You can find us on Facebook as well! 



Currently the IFE Student Goverment consist of following members::



Iga Lamar

e-mail:    i.lamar@samorzad.p.lodz.pl



Przemysław Lewandowski

e-mail:   p.lewandowski@samorzad.p.lodz.pl


Mateusz Dziewanowski

e-mail:   m.dziewanowski@samorzad.p.lodz.pl


Kinga Rudnicka

e-mail:   k.rudnicka@samorzad.p.lodz.pl


Szymon Szostek

e-mail:   sz.szostek@samorzad.p.lodz.pl


Sebastian Szyller

e-mail:  s.szyller@samorzad.p.lodz.pl


Zofia Waliszewska

e-mail:  z.waliszewska@samorzad.p.lodz.pl



We are at your disposal in student's organizations room in front of IFE Aula (first floor).


Remember, we are here to help you and make your time at the University more enjoyable!

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Date of actualization: 2015-10-21
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