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   Students enrolled for studies in a foreign university, fill in the application documents from the website erasmus.p.lodz.pl or ife.p.lodz.pl and prepare all other documents required by a chosen school (all the necessary information can be found on its Internet page). Students should present 1 set of documents with signatures at the Student Mobility Division office (or 2 sets if the partner university requires the original documents too) at least 2 weeks before they are finally presented at the foreign university and 1 set of documents to their home department office. It is the student’s responsibility to find out about different documents required by the host institution and the deadlines for their final submission. In case of delayed submission, the decision about the student’s enrolment lies solely in the hands of the partner institution.


The final decision about the student’s enrolment, in the form of a letter of acceptance, is made by the partner institution based on the submitted documents. The letter contains the exact dates of stay. After submitting the letter of acceptance to the TUL’s Unit of Internationalisation of Education, the student signs up the Erasmus+ and TUL scholarship agreement. The financial agreement entitles the student to get EKUZ Health Insurance Card from the National Health Service.


Each student is obliged to purchase the civil liability insurance valid abroad (it is possible to expand the territorial range within the TUL policy – additional information available on the IFE Website, “Fees” attachment).


Individual cases not covered in this document will be examined on request by the TUL Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator.


Date of record: 2015-02-05
Date of actualization: 2019-04-15
Submited by: Teresa Sarnecka