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Outgoing students - airplane with the world map in the background   Each year around 300 IFE logo inserted into the text students go and study abroad for a semester or a full year. Denmark, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Norway, France and Spain are their most chosen destinations.


IFE offers all its students oversees Erasmus Plus logo inserted into the textprogrammes during the 6th semester of the first degree studies and during the whole course of the second degree studies. Engineering students can also go and study for the whole academic year in their 5th and 6th semester.


Erasmus exchange benefits:

  • possibility of free studying  and financial support from a foreign university,
  • more future job opportunites,
  • establishing international contacts with people from various European and non-European countries,
  • meeting other cultures,
  • communicating in a foreign language on daily basis,
  • getting more life experience,
  • upgrading the knowledge, often difficult to gain in a home country,
  • possibility to encounter a new educational system,
  • developing tolerance and life skills,
  • becoming independent,
  • learning about one’s own possibilities and limitations,
  • becoming more self-confident,
  • travels, adventures and unforgettable memories,
  • lots of fun.

Date of record: 2015-02-05
Date of actualization: 2015-09-11
Submited by: Teresa Sarnecka