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Indicating little man made from the letter i   Every semester begins with an organizational meeting conducted by the International Office, during which students coming within the framework of the international exchange receive all the NECESSARY INFORMATION about their stay at the Lodz University of Technology.

Every student of the international exchange is obliged to attend all the lectures and tutorials which have been specified in the learning agreement. At the beginning of each semester, students are allowed to change one course to another within a time limit specified by the International Office. Such CHANGES must be made in our online application, print the document and submit it to the International Office. Tests and exams are administered at the end of every semester or during the examination session. Therefore, leaving our university early, before the end of the semester, may result in a failure for the course.  

Upon arriving in Lodz, students should turn up at the International Office in the International Faculty of Engineering (building A 16, ul. Żwirki 36) in order to obtain a document confirming one’s arrival, required by the partner universities.


Sitting IFEk - little man made from the letter i   The number of places in the University Dormitories is limited; however we do our best to guarantee that every student applying for a place in the dormitory will obtain one. Students should express their interest in obtaining such accommodation in their online application forms. All the dormitories are a short walking distance from the campuses and thereby from the International Faculty of Engineering.


The Dormitories offer furnished rooms:

  • Single rooms with a toilet and bathing facility (a small number available),
  • Double rooms with one toilet and bathing facility,
  • Communal areas: kitchen, toilets and bathing facilities,
  • Fee: about 500 PLN per month per person.


For students not interested in living in a dormitory, there are other possibilities of finding accommodation:

  • Renting a room directly from the owner or through an estate agency,
  • Renting a room by two or more students.


Important!!! Lodz University of Technology does not have a list of flats or houses to rent and does not mediate in renting accommodation between students and owners.


IFEk - little man made from the letter i   Ever international student coming to Lodz University of Technology within the international exchange programme is required to have health insurance, civil liability insurance and, in some cases, personal accident insurance valid in Poland for the student’s entire stay.


Students who do not have the possibility of taking out civil liability insurance before coming to Poland, can take out such insurance for an entire academic year at Lodz University of Technology upon their arrival in Poland.


IFEk - little man made from the letter i   Every student of Lodz University of Technology obtains a student ID card, with his/her current photograph, personal details and the student registration number.  In order to receive the ID card, the student must submit valid health insurance and civil liability insurance.


A valid student ID confirms that its owner, the IFE student, is entitled to use the computer laboratory on the first floor of the IFE building and print, copy and scan necessary materials on condition that the card account is topped up with an appropriate amount of money.

In addition, a student ID entitles students to use Lodz University of Technology Library and entitles every student to the following discounts: to purchase railway, bus and tram tickets on condition that the student is under 26 years of age, and to purchase admission tickets for selected museums, cinemas and theatres.


A student ID is extended every semester, therefore students who intend to study at Lodz University of Technology for the entire academic year, should come to the IFE International Office to have their ID cards extended. Before leaving Poland and going to their home university, every student is obliged to return his/her ID card to the International Office.


Students are not allowed to share their student ID cards with other persons!!!


Every student of Lodz University of Technology must pay an administrative fee of 17 PLN for issuing a student ID card.


Walking IFEk - little man made from the letter i   The International Faculty of Engineering fruitfully cooperates with the student organization ESN-EYE. Thanks to this cooperation, every international student has his/her student mentor, who keeps in touch with his/her student before the arrival, informs the Hall of Residence about the date of the student’s arrival and helps him/her to find their feet in the new surroundings, and also offers help throughout the student’s stay in Lodz University of Technology.

More information here: http://eye.esn.pl/en/mentor

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