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Students who come to study at Lodz University of Technology for a semester or a full academic year within Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Campus Europea and other exchange programmes select the courses by registering at: www. mobility.p.lodz.pl/in.

A student can select the courses from various study programmes to compose his/her own individual schedule.

Students can select the first and second cycle courses within the following faculties.

To maintain high quality of studying, students can select courses of at least 20 ECTS points/semester. 40 ECTS points is the maximum to be scored in one semester.





   Erasmus Final Project can be realised on two levels of studies:

  • BSc (the thesis for 15 ECTS points),
  • MSc (the thesis for 20 ECTS points).


Students declare they would like to complete the Final Project by selecting it in the “Study Programme Agreement”. At the beginning of each semester an informative meeting for the students interested in the Final Project is organised by the IFE International Office.  At the meeting all the necessary information and contacts to the project supervisors are provided . 





European Project Semester group - IFE 2011/2012   European Project Semester is a specially designed programme for teams of both international and Polish students.


At Lodz University of Technology, within the framework of EPS technological projects of a strong interdisciplinary character (selected from suggestions submitted by the university professors) are realised. The project is intended to address the needs of students from foreign universities who, within the framework of the exchange programme (such as Erasmus), study at Lodz University of Technology and the students of the IFE. 


The programme is composed of:

  • Interdisciplinary project (20 ECTS),
  • Innovation for Projects (2 ECTS),
  • Project Management (2 ECTS),
  • Teambuilding and Communication for Projects (4 ECTS) and
  • Polish Language and Culture (2 ECTS).


Students work in international teams of 4-6 and each team is supervised by an academic teacher of TUL.


IFE has special rooms for each team in which they can work on the project; the rooms can also be used for individual self-study.





PBL Student Group  PBL  (Problem Based Learning) is a method of gaining knowledge and competencies in a specific field by solving a real problem.

Students shape and develop their skills in solving problems in a more independent and innovative manner compared to methods offered by traditional university studies. 

Students work in groups of four or five and cooperate towards the solution of a specific problem. Each group has a separate tutor, who supports students in the process of learning. 


Tutorials are available to all IFE students in the 4th semester.


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