Projets EPS réalisés

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Liste des projets EPS réalisés lors du semestre d’hiver 2014/2015:

  1. How to Promote the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering?
  2. Insight into Granular Flow: an Interdisciplinary Study 
  3. Methodology of Product Design Using Innovate Textiles and Textronics
  4. Noise Management at EU Airports - Case of Lodz Airport

Liste des projets EPS réalisés lors du semestre d’été 2013/2014:

  1. Fitness Club Energy Recovery

  2. How to Commercialize the Sky-Eye Quadcopter?

  3. Airport/Aircraft Noise - Analysis, Impact on Population, Regulation and Communication Strategy

  4. Energy-Concious Lifestyle

Liste des projets EPS réalisés lors du semestre d’hiver 2013/2014:

  1. Smart City

  2. Determination and Improvement of Acoustic Parameters of an Anechoic Room 

Quelques projets EPS des années précédentes:

  1. Heating and Ventilating System for IFE Building - with the Use of Renewable Energy Sources

  2. Diamond Coatings for Biomedical Engineering

  3. Road Acoustic Screens - Technical Analysis and Promotion Strategy

  4. Sky-Eye: a Flying Camera to Monitor Old Factories. How to Build Unmanned Aerial Helicopter to Desert Factories Monitoring with the Budget Of 400 Euro?

  5. Eco-City Transport with the Use of New Technologies



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