Vescom Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. as a platinum partner of Dell EMC deals in the sale, implementation and support of business partners in the field of terminal, network and server devices. In addition, we offer services in the field of creating, developing and using software in the area of standard and new technologies (with particular emphasis on virtual, augmented and mixed realities) in business and marketing applications. We develop software for mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows), as well as applications for personal computers.

Our representatives eagerly participate in lectures, competitions and networking events organized by IFE and support these initiatives. It is a perfect space for cross industrial activities, allowing us to synchronise each other's needs and capabilities.

As Professor Piotr Moncarz said:

'The success of the world's most innovative companies stems from the fact that they have been able to bring together under one roof specialists from different fields, capable of mutual cooperation, interaction, exchange of ideas. It is thanks to such interdisciplinarity that today's most technologically advanced, ground-breaking products and services are created.'

We are open to cooperation with both graduates and students of the International Faculty of Engineering on projects that fit directly into the scope of services we provide, but also requiring a creative approach to the use of modern technologies and lifelong learning.

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