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Centrum Kształcenia Międzynarodowego Politechniki Łódzkiej known abroad as International Faculty of Engineering (IFE), which has been part of the International Cooperation Centre since 2017, has been providing education in technical fields of study both in English and French for more than 30 years.

The main goal of the educational process realized at the IFE is to educate engineers who, apart from specialist competences, will also have soft skills and fluency in foreign languages. Extensive cooperation with European universities gives IFE students the opportunity to go abroad for several months to study as well as to do internships. This will enable them to perform the role of leaders in their future professional lives in the international job market. 



  • reliable engineering education,
  • development of a foreign language competence,
  • simultaneous studies at a Polish and a prestigious foreign university,
  • creation of your own future career in international companies.


  • free-of-charge full-time studies based on modern education models,
  • one mandatory semester in a foreign university - mobility semester,
  • possibility of obtaining a joint degree / a double degree,
  • realization of part of the study programme using learning methods like PBL, Design Thinking and Flipped Education,
  • gaining measurable learning outcomes by transition from “the student-centered teaching” system to the “student-centered learning” system,
  • development of competencies sought by employers,
  • preparation for Lifelong Learning.


  • 350 admissions every year
  • nearly 1400 students, 25% of whom are foreign students
  • 4000 graduates
  • foreign students from 30 countries 
  • approximately 200 IFE students yearly on a one or two-semester exchange programme at foreign universities
  • approximately 600 lectures/tutorials conducted in foreign languages
  • 400 universities in 70 countries where an IFE student can complete his Mobility Semester


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