Registration rules

The rules for registering students are based on the ECTS credit accumulation and transfer system. This means that each course is allocated a specific number of credits. All students who complete a course receive the same number of credits, regardless of the grade received. The number of credits is relative to the workload required to complete the course. The term 'workload' includes both class work and the student's individual work.

The average semester student workload corresponds to 30 ECTS.

Limits for acceptable credit deficiencies  applicable to the audit of learning progress can be found in the Study Rules § 21 (6).


Other additional conditions of registration for individual study programmes:

First-cycle programme

Advanced Biobased and Bioinspired

Biomedical Engineering and Technolgies

Business and Technology

Business Studies

Computer Science

Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

Gestion et Technologie

Industrial Biotechnology

Information Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Modelling and Data Science


Second-cycle programme

Master in Mechanical Engineering

Computer Science and Information Technology

Human-Computer Interaction

Industrial Biotechnology

Master of Business Studies

Master of Operations Management

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