• Timetables are susceptible to change. We kindly remind you to follow the changes in "Timetables" section.
  • Schedules of courses that are not included in timetables yet will be provided later.
  • Division into groups - I semester of the II cycle studies:
Treść (rozbudowana)

Please refer to the instructions below to view the timetable correctly.

Timetable for all students can be found here


Timetable - instructions

To view the timetable correctly:

- go to: Timetable

- in the field Choose Timetable Type, select Groups,

- choose your group code from the scrolling list or type it directly at the top in the field Name (e.g. 3BS means 3rd semester Business Studies; 7IT means 7th semester Information Technology),

- once you have selected the correct group, add it to the right-hand column and confirm at the bottom of the page by pressing the Apply button.



The plan is displayed for consecutive academic weeks and may vary from week to week. To display the plan correctly please ensure that the correct week is highlighted in the calendar. The timetable may be subject to change, so please check it regularly. 

If there is no info where the specific course takes place, click on the coloured 'box' with the name of that course where you'll find 'notes' with the info concerning the building and room.


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